10 Tips for a Holiday Energy Boost

Feeling stressed? Don’t let the holidays get you down! Read our energy-boosting and stress-busting tips.

Feeling stressed? December is a hectic time of year that can send even the most organized of us into a panic. Don’t let the holidays get you down! It is possible to de-stress and give yourself (and your family) an energy boost. Try out these tips!

1. Get thoughtful

One of the best ways to lower holiday stress is to take a few moments to reflect on what the season is truly about. When we take time to put it in perspective, we realize that what really matters is not perfecting Grandma’s shortbread recipe or making sure the napkins and tablecloth match, but appreciating that you have loved ones to spend time with. Help kids learn and practise gratitude as well, which might come in handy if they receive the blue toy rather than the orange one (that their friend received and that they really wanted).

2. Take a soak in the tub

Give yourself a well-deserved time out with a long soak in the tub. Bath time essentials can be found at natural stores.

3. Eat mindfully

Parties, potlucks, and pastries, oh my! There’s no need to deprive yourself, but you can stay focused and healthy by slowing down and eating mindfully.

4. Write it down

Unload your thoughts and frustrations into a journal! The act of getting your to-do list or list of things that are worrying you down on paper and off your shoulders can help you feel lighter. 

5. Delegate

There’s no need for you to be superhuman! Delegate some chores to lighten your load. When getting ready to host an event, for example, ask the kids to set the table, and a spouse to do the grocery shopping. During an event, make your spouse the designated bartender and ask your eldest child to open the door and take coats.

6. Work out!

It’s surprising how taking half an hour to work out can make you feel better for the rest of the day. Thank you, exercise endorphins.

7. Stock up on supplements

Between the grocery store cashier sneezing on your credit card and your nephew wiping his nose at the table, ‘tis the season for germs. Help boost your immunity and energy by investing in some natural health supplements. Always check with your health care practitioner first, though!

8. Do yoga—with the whole family

Calm and centre as an entire family by employing some simple (and festive) yoga poses.

9. Breathe … and stretch!

Stop, stretch, and breathe to feel better. These deep breathing techniques can be practised in the kitchen, in line at the store, at the bus stop …

10. Practise stress reduction

Need more stress reduction tips? Check out our recent article “A Peace-filled Season” for even more ideas. 


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