Relationships, like other things that age, need maintenance. While you may not feel as if you need couples therapy, there is always a benefit in taking time to discuss recurring issues, celebrate your wins, and invest in your dynamic. Rather than making an audacious goal you probably won’t meet — i.e., don’t fight all year long — consider listening to some of the best relationship podcasts around. Maybe it’s on Saturday morning after you walk the pup and pour your coffee, or when you’re laying in bed before you drift to sleep. To reap the most reward from this new habit, we asked experts for their recommendations on the best relationship advice podcasts. Here, their top picks:

Where Should We Begin

Licensed marriage and family therapist Andrea Dindinger says, “In each Where Should We Begin podcast, Esther Perel takes you inside a therapy session with real clients dealing with relationship struggles. “It’s unique in that it gives listeners a sense of what issues longer-term, more mature relationships may encounter — as they all do!” she shares. “I think it can encourage listeners to overcome their fears about getting help and/or the shame that they’re the only one dealing with a particular experience.”

The Bounceback

As a matchmaker, Susan Trombetti believes this is one of the best relationship podcasts, especially since it gets to the heart of issues many singles harbor. And in many cases, bring into their relationships. As she puts it, until you process your past, you can’t create a happy future. “While this podcast hasn\’t had anything new in a year, they deal with a lot of these issues during her many episodes,” she says.

Small Things Often

Dindinger also raves about this podcast, hosted by the legendary duo, Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, a husband and wife team and co-founders of the Gottman Institute. She says this podcast delivers quick, bite-sized morsels of advice to help strengthen relationships. “I love that in just under five minutes, each podcast guides listeners to take a closer look at the small ways we act, what we do, and what we say, add up and impact our relationships,” she explains.

Over It & On With It

If you aren’t happy with yourself, you will never find satisfaction within a relationship, and this podcast focuses on this universal truth. As recommended by psychologist Dr. Sarah Schewitz, she says the host switches between coaching real people and interviewing experts about personal growth topics. “Many of her coaching episodes focus on relationships, and listeners are sure to find many episodes that relate to their relationship concerns,” she continues. “Christine Hassler has a warm, loving, and intuitive approach when coaching, which helps listeners learn while also being held with deep empathy.”

Love with Integrity

There are many experiences within a relationship that are unpredictable, like going through a period of low sex drive or struggling to set necessary boundaries. Dindinger says this podcast digs into various subjects to help listeners undercover what’s really going on and how to process the feelings. “She brings on great guests with interesting insight, and each podcast is an easy listen,” she adds. 

The Wedding Ceremony Podcast

If you’re more of a fan of light-hearted podcasts to make you both giggle, wedding officiant and owner of Marry You in Hawaii, Loren Petrowski recommends this as one of the best relationship podcasts. “It’s hosted by two wedding officiants, Clint Hufft and JP Reynolds, and centered around the actual ceremony,” she continues. “While hashing out stories of weddings past, Reynolds, a former Catholic priest turned officiant, and communications coach, offers brilliant nuggets of insight into interpersonal relationships and family dynamics.”

Fierce Marriage Podcast

As one of the most popular faith-based podcasts, this show, hosted by Ryan and Selena Frederick, covers nearly everything marriages experience, from sex and communication to priorities and purpose. It’s recommended by Danielle Taylor, an award-winning marriage expert and the founder of Marriage On Deck. “I love their honesty regarding their successes and challenges in their own marriage, as well as the expansive topics they cover,” she shares. “Whether you\’re in a relationship or just want to be, their podcast is a great source for relationship information.”

Love Is Like A Plant

While Trombetti was originally drawn to this podcast due to the name, she was pleasantly surprised with its super-helpful content from hosts Ellen Huerta and Sarah May B. She says it deals with a wide variety of topics that singles and couples face, including dating during COVID-19, cheating, overcoming ex-partners, investing in your current relationship, and so on. Best of all, she says it’s easy to listen to because it’s raw, relatable and real. 

One Extraordinary Marriage

Considering hosts Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo have been married for more than 20 years, they have experienced plenty of trials as a team. In their podcast, Taylor says they focus on keeping a relationship healthy and navigating intimacy in the bedroom. “I love their ‘hug’ hotline where listeners can call in to get their questions answered,” she raves.

The Terri Cole Show

Maybe you had a toxic family environment as a child. Perhaps you were in an unhealthy partner in college. Whatever the case, you bring all of your baggage to your happy relationship, and it’s essential to work through that grief. In this podcast, the host teaches listeners how to shift habits, process and heal. Dr. Schewitz says her no-nonsense approach to teaching gets to the point, without all of the fluff.

Relationship Advice

The name says it all. Every episode, dynamic duo Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz brings on experts to discuss real relationship issues, helping couples navigate whatever they’re currently going through together. “It seems there are lots of building blocks and tools for couples to keep their relationship healthy. If you feel like your relationship needs something, you might want to check out this podcast,” Trombetti raves.

Unlocking Us

New York Times best-selling author Brene Brown is legendary for her smart, inspiring pieces of advice and wisdom, and now she has a great relationship podcast designed for couples. Dr. Schewitz picks it as one of her favorites. “Brené’s podcast covers a variety of personal growth topics, most of which are about becoming a more emotionally available human,” she continues. “This type of personal growth is incredibly important in creating healthy relationships and is a must-listen for everybody.”

Marriedpreneur Life

If you or your partner are entrepreneurs (or desire to be), Taylor says this is one of the best relationship podcasts for you! “O.L. and Sway Buckley do an excellent job in educating couples on how to work in harmony with one another and business,” she shares. “They very practically break down all of the surrounding issues that can creep up and derail relationships.”


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