Even after your wedding is over, there are years of celebrations to look forward to. Yes, your wedding anniversaries are a chance to revel in your relationship and how far you’ve come together, but they\’re also an opportunity for some serious gift-giving. Most couples exchange gifts to mark this special occasion—and that’s where wedding anniversary themes come in. Each milestone wedding anniversary has several themes, starting out with more humble materials like paper and getting gradually fancier (hello, diamonds!), to help inspire your gift giving. 

While the traditional and modern wedding anniversary themes focus on a gift\’s material, there are also official gemstones, colors, and sometimes, flowers for these different milestones. You can interpret these anniversary gift themes in a straightforward fashion (buying your spouse pottery for the 8th anniversary, for example), or get creative. So let this list of wedding anniversary themes serve as a general guide to help inspire gift ideas, but remember that the most important thing is buying something your partner will love and choosing a gift that feels true to your unique relationship. 

1-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Paper

There are lots of ways to interpret the paper anniversary theme, from a framed work of art to paper flowers to a special book. 

Modern: Clocks

A clock may feel a little random as an anniversary gift, but it actually makes a lot of sense: Your marriage is just beginning and a clock symbolizes the preciousness of every minute together.  

Gemstone: Gold or peridot

We know, gold is a precious metal, not a gemstone, but it\’s included as one of the official first anniversary gemstones (and solid gold represents the strength of your married life). And a pale-green peridot is particularly apt, as it symbolizes compassion and prosperity.

Color: Gold or yellow

These cheerful colors are sure to add a pop of hue to your anniversary gift giving.

Flower: Carnation

This humble bloom is easily sourced, inexpensive, and comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can purchase a big bunch at very low cost.

2-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Cotton

Cotton is soft and strong, and fortunately, there are so many gift options for this traditional theme. A few ideas featuring this textile include robes, sheets, and clothing—but let your imagination run wild!

Modern: China

The modern theme for the second anniversary is china, but this doesn\’t mean you have to give your partner fancy dishes (especially if you just received them from your wedding registry!). There are lots of other creative porcelain pieces that work, from vases to mugs and more.

Gemstone: Garnet

This gorgeous red gemstone looks like its on fire, representing the continued passion of your relationship. 

Color: Red or linen white

There are two colors associated with the second wedding anniversary gift theme, red (the color of a garnet) and linen white (representing the traditional wedding anniversary gift of cotton). 

Flower: Cosmos and lily of the valley 

Each of these second anniversary flowers have significant meaning. The cosmo represents harmony, while the lily of the valley symbolizes purity. 

3-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Leather

If you\’re ever owned anything made of leather, you know that this material gets better with age, just like your marriage! Leather jackets, shoes, handbags, or other accessories make ideal gifts—and if you\’re living a more animal-friendly lifestyle, faux leather works too! 

Modern: Crystal

While crystal is indeed gorgeous, it\’s still quite fragile, representing the early years of marriage. From champagne glasses to other special keepsakes, crystal gifts make a beautiful addition to your home. 

Gemstone: Pearl

A perfect round pearl represents wisdom gained through time, similar how you and your partner will gain knowledge and learn a great deal during your marriage. Pearl jewelry and cufflinks are ideal third anniversary gifts. 

Color: White or jade green

The pure white color of a pearl is a natural hue for third anniversary gifts, as is jade green—a color that represents peace. 

Flower: Sunflower

What could be a more cheerful addition to the third wedding anniversary theme than bright and happy sunflowers? Grab a bouquet on your way home to celebrate this special milestone!

4-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Fruit or flowers

By your fourth anniversary year, your relationship has fully blossomed, which is why fruit and flowers are the traditional gifts. From a gorgeous bouquet to a basket of your partner\’s favorite fruits, there are lots of gift options to celebrate year 4! 

Modern: Appliances

If fruit and flowers seems a little ho-hum, the modern wedding anniversary gift is an appliance—ideal if you\’ve recently purchased a home and need to upgrade your washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, or if you\’d like to try one of those newfangled kitchen appliances like an air fryer or Instant Pot. 

Gemstone: Blue topaz

​A beautiful blue topaz represents long-lasting love and friendship—certainly an ideal stone to gift your loved one!

Color: Blue or green

If you\’re looking for a color for your fourth wedding anniversary gift, blue and green are both lovely choices. 

Flower: Geraniums and hydrangeas

Since the traditional wedding anniversary gift theme for a fourth anniversary includes flowers, grabbing a bouquet of lush geraniums or hydrangeas is an easy present. Geraniums are considered a kind and gentle bloom, while lush hydrangeas symbolize gratitude—both ideal sentiments for this milestone. 

5-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Wood

We all know that wood is solid and strong, just like your relationship after 5 whole years! From wooden picture frames to engraved cutting boards, wall hangings, coasters, and more, you\’ll have your pick of perfect gift options!

Modern: Silverware

While silverware may seem like a bit of an odd choice for a modern anniversary gift, there are actually many creative ways to interpret it.

Gemstone: Sapphire

This eye-catching blue gemstone is the official jewel of the 5th wedding anniversary. Gift your beloved with a piece of sapphire jewelry to mark this special occasion. 

Color: Blue

If you\’d prefer not to gift a sapphire as your 5th anniversary present, anything in this milestone\’s signature color of blue will do the trick! 

Flower: Daisy

The lovely daisy symbolizes innocence and new beginnings, whether that means buying a house, starting a family, adopting a pet, or switching jobs. You and your spouse have been through a lot together, with more anniversary celebrations to come!

6-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Iron or candy

Two interesting choices for the 6th anniversary gifts: Iron represents the durability of your marriage, while candy symbolizes all of the sweetness of a life together. Iron gifts could include cast-iron cookware or an iron house number for your home, while your partner\’s favorite sweets will always be appreciated. 

Modern: Wood

For a more modern choice, wood is a versatile material for anniversary gifts. 

Gemstone: Amethyst

Add this stunning purple gemstone to your anniversary gift list. From rings to necklaces and much more, celebrate this milestone with a sparkling amethyst. 

Color: Purple

Purple is a regal hue, so treat your partner like royalty with a gift in this gorgeous color. 

Flower: Calla lilies

If you\’re still struggling to find wedding anniversary gift ideas for your sixth trip around the sun as a married duo, a bouquet of modern and architectural calla lilies makes a perfect present!

7-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Copper or wool

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens—not only are these some of our favorite things, they\’re also the traditional anniversary gifts for the seventh anniversary (also known as the seven-year itch!). 

Modern: Desk set

Whether you work from home or have your own corner office, a desk set featuring a pencil holder, paper organizer, stapler, and more, makes a unique and modern anniversary gift. 

Gemstone: Onyx

This black gemstone represents protection and strength and symbolizes your fierce love for each other. 

Color: Off-white or yellow

When choosing a color for your seventh anniversary gift, off-white and yellow are the official hues of this milestone. 

Flower: Freesia

You\’ve married your best friend, so it\’s apt that the seventh anniversary flower is a freesia, which represents friendship. 

8-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Pottery or bronze

Beautiful works of pottery are molded and shaped from humble clay—similar to how your marriage has been molded and shaped into a fully-formed partnership during your years together. Bronze combines the durability of tin with the lucky metal copper, making it an ideal traditional wedding anniversary gift material. 

Modern: Linen or lace

For a softer touch, linen and lace are more modern anniversary gift materials. Linen bedding, lacy lingerie, and other items make perfect modern 8th anniversary gift ideas.  

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline, which comes in several different colors, represents calm—something you and your spouse are hopefully feeling after 8 years together.

Color: Bronze

Given that one of the traditional wedding gift materials is bronze, it would seem fitting that bronze is the official color of this milestone. 

Flower: Lilacs

These beautiful blooms represent innocence, youth, and first love—a perfect gift whether you\’re young or young at heart. 

9-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Willow or pottery

Willow wood might seem like an odd choice for a ninth anniversary gift, but this natural and flexible material is actually a good symbol for how your relationship has developed. You can find many gifts, from artwork to jewelry, that represent willow branches. Pottery is another traditional anniversary gift for year 9, as well. 

Modern: Leather

Leather gets better with age, just like your love for each other!

Gemstone:  Lapis lazuli

​This deep-blue stone frequently appears on jewelry, and it is a symbol of wisdom—something you\’ve surely developed in your 9 years together.

Color: Terracotta

The color of terracotta pottery, this natural, earthy hue is also totally on-trend at the moment. 

Flower: Poppy

Bright red poppies, aside from being beautiful to look at, are symbols of dreams and imagination. Hopefully 9 years of marriage have been amazing beyond your wildest dreams!

10-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Tin or aluminum

The tenth wedding anniversary is all about celebrating strength and perseverance, hence strong metals are the traditional gifts for this milestone. Metal jewelry and items for the home make ideal gifts for this celebration. 

Modern and gemstone: Diamond

Should you wish to splurge on something sparkly, the diamond is both the modern gift and official gemstone of this important milestone. 

Color: Silver 

With metals and diamonds as the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for year 10, silver is a natural color to gravitate toward. 

Flower: Daffodils

After 10 years, you and your partner are still a very happy couple—so why not celebrate with this happy flower, which also represents new beginnings. 

11-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Steel

Steel might seem like an odd choice for an anniversary gift, but there are actually quite a gift items to choose from, including jewelry, homewares, and more. And if you’re ready for a splurge, a new car is the ultimate in steel gifts! 

Modern: Diamond

As an alternative to steel, diamonds are always a good choice. Just don\’t forget the 4 c\’s when making your purchase!

Gemstone: Turquoise

The official gemstone of the 11th anniversary is turquoise, which has an earthy and natural feel. From necklaces to rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and more, you’re sure to find a perfect turquoise anniversary gift for your person.

Color: Turquoise

You don’t have to buy an anniversary gift featuring a turquoise stone, but if you’re debating on a color for your present, turquoise is the official hue of this milestone.

Flower: Tulip

Colorful tulips represent deep love—which you and your partner clearly experience every single day!

12-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Silk and linen

If you and your spouse have been together for 12 years, it may be time for a bedding upgrade. So treat yourself to the ultimate 12th anniversary gift—items in silk and/or linen! Bedding is an obvious choice, but clothing, lingerie, accessories, and more also fit the bill. 

Modern: Pearl

A perfect pearl makes an ideal 12th anniversary gift, whether it’s in jewelry or something pearl-colored.

Gemstone: Jade

Green jade is found in many gifts, from a skin-perfecting jade roller to jewelry to home accessories.

Color: Oyster white

Classic oyster white (an off-white hue) is the official color of the 12th anniversary.

Flower: Peony

If your anniversary is in the springtime, celebrate the season with a bouquet of lush peonies.

13-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Lace

Lace’s intricate woven design is a nod to the intricacy of marriage. While lingerie might be the most obvious choice for the year 13 gift, there are other creative ways to use lace in a special present.

Modern: Textiles

If your spouse has been wearing the same duds for, well, 13 years, use the modern anniversary gift of textiles as an opportunity to upgrade their wardrobe.

Gemstone: Citrine

We love citrine’s unique red-orange hue—it’s a gemstone that makes for a very cool anniversary gift.

Color: Citrine or white

The color of citrine is the official hue of the 13th anniversary, but white is also an appropriate choice.

Flower: Chrysanthemum

This blossom symbolizes longevity and friendship—both important parts of a successful marriage.

14-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional and Color: Ivory

These days, gifts made from ivory are a no-no—but choosing a gift that’s the color of ivory (or even making a donation to an elephant conservation charity in your partner’s name) is a more cruelty-free option.

Modern: Gold jewelry

If the ivory wedding anniversary theme has got you stumped, gold jewelry is an easy-to-buy and universally-appreciated alternative.

Gemstone: Opal

Opals are super on-trend right now, so a piece of opal jewelry makes a lovely anniversary gift.

Flower: Orchid

Beautiful orchids represent luxury and beauty—and their modern vibe makes a great addition to any home.

15-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Crystal

Crystal symbolizes purity, and represents the pure love you feel for your partner after 15 years together. From crystal vases to figurines to picture frames and jewelry, there are lots of wedding anniversary gift ideas to choose from here. 

Modern: Watch

What could be more symbolic of the passage of time than a gorgeous watch? Watches are both fashionable and functional—and they\’re a gift your spouse will surely love. 

Gemstone:  Ruby

While rubies are more traditionally associated with the 40th anniversary, they\’re also the official gemstone of year 15. 

Color: Red

Related to the ruby, red represents passion and love so it\’s a fitting color for this milestone. 

Flower: Roses

Red roses aren\’t just the official flower of Valentine\’s Day—they\’re also the signature bloom of the 15th anniversary! What could be more romantic than a bouquet of roses—or rose petals scattered throughout your home. 

16-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: Wax

Your relationship has been full of fiery passion for 16 years now, so wax makes for an ideal 16th anniversary theme to mark the occasion. Candles are the most obvious and versatile gift to mark the milestone.

Modern: Silver holloware

Okay, so what’s holloware? It’s basically any tableware except flatware, so silver serving pieces, pitchers, platters, and more work well.

Gemstone: Peridot

This pale green gemstone (also August’s birthstone) makes a pretty and unique centerpiece for 16th anniversary jewelry.

Color: Emerald green, red, or silver

A variety of pretty hues give you plenty of options as you choose a color for your 16th anniversary gift.

Flower: Statice

Also known as sea lavender, this sturdy bloom symbolizes happy memories, which you and your spouse likely have many of from your 16-year marriage.

17-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional and Modern: Furniture

If you and your partner have been living together for close to two decades (or more!), the 17-year anniversary is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your furniture.

Gemstone: Carnelian

This brownish-red stone isn’t commonly found in jewelry, making it an even more unique gift opportunity.

Color: Yellow

Yellow is such a happy color, and any gift in this hue is sure to brighten your spouse’s day.

Flower: Red carnation

With an appearance that resembles a rose, it should come as no surprise that the red carnation also symbolizes love!

18-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional and Modern: Porcelain

Dishes, home accessories, ornaments, and more—there are lots of porcelain gifts to choose from to mark this special occasion. 

Gemstone: Chrysoberyl

Otherwise known as cat’s eye, the chrysoberyl is a beautiful yellowish stone that’s thought to boost confidence and bring about a sense of calm.

Color: Blue

If you’re purchasing a 18th anniversary gift for your beloved, choose a blue hue to match the official color of this milestone.

Flower: Deep red flowers

While there’s no official flower for the 18th anniversary, deep red blooms are commonly exchanged.

19-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional, Modern, and Color: Bronze

Bronze isn’t just used as the material for third-place medals—it’s also the 19th wedding anniversary theme with lots of gifts to choose from, whether you’re looking for artwork, home accessories, or jewelry.

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Jewelry made with this stunning pale blue gem will certainly wow your spouse.

Flower: Bronze chrysanthemum

Though not officially linked with the 19th year, many couples exchange these bronze-hued flowers as a nod to the bronze anniversary.

20-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional: China

China is both strong and fragile at once, just like marriage. Since you\’ve been together for 20 years, it\’s perhaps time to upgrade your dinnerware—or purchase home accessories made of porcelain. 

Modern: Platinum

Platinum is among the strongest precious metals, and therefore makes a robust gift for a 20th anniversary. 

Gemstone:  Emerald

The gorgeous green gem symbolizes growth—something you and your spouse have surely done together over past two decades. 

Color: Green

If you\’re looking for the right color for your 20th anniversary gift, green is the official hue of this milestone. 

Flower: Daylilies

Daylilies are often considered a flirtatious flower—and there\’s nothing wrong with a little flirting between you and your spouse!

25-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional, Modern, Gemstone, and Color: Silver

The 25th anniversary is known as the \”Silver Jubilee\” so your gift should be anything silver! Of course there\’s silver jewelry, but you can also gift silver-hued home accessories, clothing, and more. 

Flower: Iris

Pretty irises represent wisdom, and clearly you and your spouse have grown wiser with every passing year together.  

30-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional and Gemstone: Pearl

While pearls are also the official gemstone of the third anniversary, they\’re more widely recognized as the traditional gift and gemstone for year 30.  

Modern: Diamond

If diamonds are more your speed, then year 30 is a lucky one! Or, you could purchase a gift of jewelry that combines both pearls and diamonds for a totally luxe anniversary present. 

Color: Green

Green is the color of several anniversary years, including the 30th. 

Flower: Lilies

With so many different varieties, lilies are a versatile flower that represent purity—like the pure love between you and your spouse. 

40-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional, Modern, and Gemstone: Ruby

The 40th anniversary is traditionally known as the \”Ruby Anniversary\”. A piece of ruby jewelry is the most obvious gift for this milestone, there are many other creative interpretations to this theme.

Color: Red

Obviously, red is the signature color of year 40—so if you\’d prefer to steer clear of jewelry, anything in a ruby red color is fair game. 

Flower: Nasturtium

Available in both red and yellow hues, the nasturtium represents victory, and you and your partner will likely be feeling pretty victorious after conquering 40 years together! 

50-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional, Modern, Gemstone, and Color: Gold

The 50th anniversary is commonly known as the \”Golden Anniversary\”, so of course, both the traditional and modern gifts include anything made of gold. Gold jewelry is the most obvious choice for an anniversary present, but you could also opt for gold-hued home accessories or clothing, as well. 

Flower: Yellow roses 

While there are no naturally gold flowers, yellow roses are probably the closest options. Plus, they represent joy—something you should be feeling after 50 years together! 

60-Year Wedding Anniversary Themes

Traditional, Modern, and Gemstone: Diamond

What could be more apt for a 60th anniversary gift than a diamond? This is a major milestone and only the strongest and most brilliant of gemstones will do to mark the celebration.  

Color: Diamond White

Bright diamond white is the signature color of the 60th anniversary, for obvious reasons. 

Flower: Orchid

Orchids symbolize love and strength, so it seems natural that these beautiful blooms will be the official flower of the milestone 60th anniversary. 


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