Sugar scrub recipes are easy to make and you can interchange ingredients (gingerbread, peppermint, lavender, lemon, vanilla, coffee, grapefruit, etc.) to suit your personality. The only two must-have ingredients are sugar for exfoliation and some type of oil to moisturize (I prefer coconut oil!). From a green tea sugar scrub for acne and blemishes, to a chocolate and honey sugar scrub for lips that’s simply intoxicating, these DIY homemade sugar scrubs will give you gorgeous skin year-round!

DIY Green Tea Scrub (Dear Crissy)

If you suffer from acne and pesky blemishes, using a green tea scrub is a great way to settle it. Green tea is a hard working anti-inflammatory that reduces scars and blemishes, plus it removes impurities from your skin giving you a healthy glow!

Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub (Essential Oils Obsessed)

Both lemon and honey are great for acne-prone skin. Lemon helps to tighten pores, while honey reduces breakouts with its antibacterial properties. Whip up this blend to moisturize and even out your skin!

Coffee Sugar Scrub (4 Sons ‘R’ Us)

Banish acne with this coffee sugar scrub. Coffee is a super exfoliant and this scrub will remove any dry skin and impurities. The magical bean is an anti-inflammatory, which makes your skin appear firmer, and the vitamin E will moisturize it making it feel nice and silky.

If you’re in need of some great skin exfoliators as we head into summer, try some of these ones out for amazing, glowing skin. You won’t be sorry!


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