How to Grow Longer Eyelashes | If you want to know how to make your lashes thicker and more voluminous without falsies or extensions, this post is for you! You'll learn how to naturally grow your lashes, along with natural DIY growth remedies made using ingredients you already have at home, like vaseline and coconut oil. Not into home remedies? No worries! We've also linked to the best store-bought eyelash serums to elevate your lashes and make your eyes pop!

Have you always dreamed of longer, more luscious lashes? You’re definitely not alone. Long lashes create the illusion of bigger eyes, giving you instant glamour and a sense of youthfulness. If you’re struggling with lashes that break and fall out (or aren’t really there to begin with), it’s time to give your lashes some much-needed TLC. There are simple tricks you can use to grow longer lashes, making them look more full and lush. Here are 12 tips on how to grow longer eyelashes so you can finally flaunt the beautiful lashes you’ve always wanted!

How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

1. Try an Eyelash Growth Serum
Eyelash growth serums can boost the length of your lashes. They’re formulated to both promote new eyelash growth and strengthen the hairs you already have. The VieBeauti Serum is rich in nutrients to boost growth and volume, giving you bolder, more dramatic lashes in as little as two weeks.

2. Replace Your Mascara
Most of us are guilty of using our makeup products for longer than we should. It’s important to replace your mascara every three months, even if there’s liquid left in the tube. Using mascara that’s passed its prime will lead to your mascara drying out your lashes, which can cause them to tear and fall out.

3. Wear Lash Boosting Mascara
There are some mascaras out there that work double duty. Not only do they make them look darker and longer while you’re wearing them, they also promote growth overtime. The Lashfood Ultra Rich Volumizing Mascara delivers nutrients to the lashes that work overtime, even when the mascara is removed to repair, strengthen and protect lashes.

4. DIY Serum: Vitamin E Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil
Vitamin E oil, castor oil and coconut oil all work wonders to help you grow longer lashes. They all promote strong, moisturized lashes, causing them to appear fuller and more lush. Mix them together and place them on your lashes with a cotton swab before bed. You’ll notice softer, stronger, more luscious lashes in no time.

5. Take a Biotin Supplement
Taking a biotin supplement can foster and stimulate new hair and nail growth. Biotin is a key factor for healthy, thick hair, and this includes your eyelash hairs. It stimulates lash growth the same way it stimulates growth of the hair on your head, so it’s worth a try for longer lashes.

6. Keep False Lashes and Extensions to a Minimum
Harsh glues from false lashes and extensions can lead to your lashes being ripped out or damage to the follicle, which causes them not to grow. If the lash glue contains ingredients like latex or formaldehyde, they’re likely going to cause damage to your lashes. Stick with natural growth remedies to keep your lashes healthy and strong.

7. Take Your Makeup Off Before Going to Bed
If you want to keep your lashes long and healthy, make sure to always take your makeup off before going to bed. Removing your mascara is especially important since it can tug and break your lashes while you sleep. Take your time while removing your mascara as lashes are quite fragile. Using too much pressure can irritate the hair follicles and cause them to go into a non-growth phase.

8. Add Argan Oil to Your Routine
Argan oil is known and loved for the benefits it delivers to our skin and hair. It contains a high amount of vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids that can help grow and strengthen your lashes. It will moisturize your lashes, diminish breakage, and make your lashes softer and healthier.

9. Be Careful with Your Lash Curler
When used correctly, lash curlers won’t damage your eyelashes, however, there are certain things to be cautious of when using the daily lash tool. Heating the curler, tugging at your lashes or using a curler that is loose can cause damage. Only use your curler on clean lashes, because if you use it after you’ve applied mascara, it’s more likely to stick and pull out your lashes. And make sure to clean your curler regularly to remove excess dirt and oils and prevent infection.

10. Lash Growth Superfoods
A lack of important vitamins and nutrients can lead to the loss of hair and eyelashes. Make sure your diet is made up of a healthy combination of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Some of the best foods to promote hair and eyelash growth are avocados, sweet potatoes, nuts, salmon, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

11. Apply Green Tea
Green tea is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and features beneficial properties like flavonoids that can help with lash growth. Make a pot of green tea and let it sit until it’s warm or cooled all the way down. Dip a cotton ball into the tea and swipe it over your lashes to help stimulate growth and clean the hair follicles, allowing more growth to occur.

12. Brushes Matter
Make sure to use a good brush when you’re applying makeup to your lashes. A quality brush will apply the product smoothly without tugging and weakening the lashes. It’s also important to keep your brushes clean. This will keep your eyes clean, promoting lash growth and strength. This brush comes with a cap to keep your brush away from dirt and dust. Use it with mascara and lash conditioner to keep your lashes as healthy as possible.

Growing longer eyelashes takes time and patience, but with these tips and hacks, you’ll have the beautiful, luscious lashes you’ve always wanted.


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