Yes, your wedding day is all about celebrating your and your partner’s love and relationship. But it’s also a celebration of completing the wedding planning process. No more late-night seating chart dilemmas, no more guest list drama, no more time spent researching vendors…wait, hold on a sec. Turns out there’s a (much shorter) list of pros you’ll need to find after the wedding. True, you may not need to put as much time and thought into this list of vendors as with your wedding vendors (and some of them are optional), but they’re definitely worth thinking about in the weeks and months after your wedding.

Here’s a list of vendors and services you’ll need to think about after the wedding.

Photo Album Creation

Creating a wedding photo album is an easily-forgotten-about task, so try not to procrastinate too much once you’ve received your photos. Many photographers can work with you to create a gorgeous photo album, or there are online companies where you can easily design your own album, including Shutterfly, Artifact Uprising, Mixbook, and more. Along with a main album that you and your new spouse will keep, don’t forget to create “brag books” (smaller wedding albums) that your parents and in-laws can show off to, well, everyone.  


Your wedding (and engagement!) photos shouldn’t just be kept on your computer and in an album—they should be prominently displayed in your home. That’s why finding a reputable framer after the wedding is important. Companies like Framebridge can make framing your precious wedding photos a snap—and framed wedding photos make great gifts for family members, too!

Dry Cleaners and/or Dress Preservation

Even if you didn’t spill wine on your dress or get mud on your suit, you’ll still want to get your wedding attire professionally cleaned. For suits or tuxedos, a good local dry cleaners can handle the job, but for wedding gowns, a more involved process may be needed. There may be a reputable dry cleaner that can handle dress preservation in your area, or you can ship your dress to the experts at Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot to skillfully clean and package your gown with a lifetime guarantee. Remember, you spent a lot of money on your gown—and making the extra effort to have it properly cleaned and preserved so it can be passed down is definitely worth it.

Travel Agent

Planning a honeymoon can almost feel like planning a second wedding. If you and your partner are waiting until after the wedding to plan your trip of a lifetime, consider hiring a travel agent to make the process stress-free. These travel pros have first-hand knowledge of many destinations around the world and aren’t as expensive as you might think (in some cases, they’re free!). To find a reputable honeymoon travel agent, read reviews on a site like WeddingWire.  

Name Change Services

The decision to change your name after the wedding (or not!) is entirely yours. If you’ve opted to take your spouse’s name (or combine last names or create a completely new name), you might be feeling overwhelmed at the amount of paperwork you’ll need to complete. That’s why online services like HitchSwitch can be a total lifesaver. All you have to do is provide HitchSwitch with some basic info, and they’ll fill out the paperwork for you, saving major amounts of time and effort.


Writing thank-you notes is another time-consuming task you’ll need to complete after the wedding—but buying brand-new stationery can make it a bit more enjoyable. If you or your partner are planning on changing your name post-wedding, you’ll need to buy some stationery with your new moniker on it. We recommend buying stationery featuring both you and your new spouse’s names that you can use for thank-you notes or other joint correspondence. If your budget allows, you might also purchase separate stationery for you and your spouse to use individually. Your wedding stationer can help you with this, or you can use an online stationer like Minted, Paper Source, or Shutterfly.

Financial Planner

One of the least fun parts of the newlywed period is dealing with finances. Not only will you and your partner need to decide if you’re combining bank accounts, you may also want to create wills, pay off loans, save for a home, and more. Hiring a financial planner can help you budget and think toward the future, and online services like Suze Orman will ensure you start your marriage on the right (financial) foot.  

Marriage Counseling

A couple’s first year of marriage isn’t always easy, and it’s totally okay to need extra support. Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse become closer, build your communication skills, and work through any problems that may arise. If in-person counseling isn’t possible, you might try an app like Lasting, which creates a personalized counseling program for you and your partner. It’s one of the best things you can do to build a happy marriage right from the start.


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