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The measure of a successful company is longevity and the people who have the vision to steer it in the right direction. CanPrev has both. A 100 percent Canadian owned and operated company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, CanPrev is now in its ninth year of providing premium natural health care products to health care professionals and customers who care about their well-being.

The following interview is a small glimpse into owner and founder Tanya Salituro’s life as business owner, wife, and mother of four children.

Q: How has CanPrev evolved since its early days?

A: Though CanPrev was accepted and respected early on, it has certainly grown beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. When you risk everything as a family with young kids to start something from nothing, of course you have great hopes—and sometimes moments of great doubt. Then, to be blessed with a team that believes in your vision and digs in and makes the dream a reality is an unbelievable gift.

Q: How do you balance work and family life?

A: We are 100 percent hands on. The two- and four-year-olds remind me to take my vitamins, and the older ones love coming up with humorous advertising concepts. Regularly putting the cellphones and laptops away for fort building, wrestling matches, Bible reading, and board games—along with plenty of outdoor sports— is mandatory.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for new products?

A: Our inspiration usually comes from practitioner feedback and, of course, research. We also have practising health care professionals on staff, continually gathering insights into health needs and trends. We rely heavily on research to help guide our product development. We select our ingredients based on clinical trials and scientific evidence.

The professional quality and effectiveness of our ingredients are critical to helping patients and customers improve their health, so for us, research is key! However, when customers write or call in, we like to emphasize a healthy lifestyle as a base and priority—for all Canadians.

Q: What are some of your new products?

A: With CanPrev, we introduced 14 new products in 2013. It was a busy year! One of my favourites is CanPrev’s Iron Bis-Glycinate. It has an ideal amount of elemental iron with appropriate additional ingredients, what we call “co-factors,” aiding further absorption. This product is exceptional in that it doesn’t have the usual side effects associated with iron supplements. We also introduced Thyroid-Pro and Eye-Pro helping to support two common health challenges today—hypothyroidism and premature aging of the eye.

One of our biggest pieces of news is the current launch of our homeopathics line, under our Orange Naturals brand. We are introducing more than 40 liquid homeopathics for adults and kids that use many organic or wild-crafted ingredients. These homeopathics have simple, easy-to-understand names such as Earache, Libido, Focus, Kidney Stones, and Digestion. This makes it easy to figure out what each one is for. You can check them out at

For more information on CanPrev’s extensive variety of supplements, visit


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